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Mars Coat King

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By: Mars Pet Grooming Products

This revolutionary new grooming tool easily removes dead hair and undercoat. Quality German stainless steel. An indispensable item for every groomer. Coat King Combs are most suitable for stripping undercoat and dead hair, unravelling and de-matting.


These tools are available in various sizes to work with all different kinds of coat. Coarse & medium styles (6 ,8,10,12 blade original or 12, 18, 23 blade double wide) For preparation work, thinning out undercoat and de-matting on medium to long coats or stripping for terrier coats Fine styles (16, 20 blades original or 30 blade double wide) For grooming fine or short coats Super fine styles (26 blades) for finishing (especially spaniels) Use coarse styles to comb out the undercoat – fine styles for finishing.


For wholesale inquiries please call or see our website for more details.

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