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Australian National Pigeon Association Inc

Australian National Pigeon Association Inc

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History of ANPA



"The first known attempt to create an Australian National Pigeon Club was made in 1948, and I believe there was at least one other effort before it finally happened in 1981. If you compare the ANPA National Show in Adelaide in 2005 to the first show in Sydney in 1982 you can see the effort was well worthwhile.

In Adelaide there were 158 exhibitors with 3160 exhibits covering 73 breeds and five international judges. In Sydney there were 100 exhibitors penning 1700 exhibits covering Australia’s only 40 official breeds at the time. There were no international judges at that first ANPA show, hosted by the PFS of NSW.

What follows is my recollection of the long, latest and ultimately successful attempt to create a national organisation in Australia. We need to appreciate the pigeon fancy environment in which the process slowly evolved over nearly 10 years......"

Please read Below 'History of ANPA (parts 1, 2 & 3)' articles for Full a story.

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Found a lost pigeon?
First ensure the bird has some water available, and give it some seed in case it’s hungry (parrot seed is fine, or even some rice, if nothing else is available try bread, pigeons do not eat meat.)


Check the bird’s legs for a registration ring (lifetime band made of anodized aluminium or plastic). Some breeds have long foot feathering ,so you may have to hunt through this to find it, often in these breeds the ring may be up high on the thigh. Once found write down all the numbers and letters on the ring.


If the letters “NPA” or “ANPA” appear, you are in luck, as the ring was issued by the Australian National Pigeon Association (ANPA) and can be traced to the the club and individual who bought the batch the ring number was in, and thus bred the pigeon.



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ANPA Newsletter

Members will receive their copy of the ANPA NATIONAL SHOW SPECIAL EDITION (No.1) ANPA Newsletter in the next few weeks.

It will be the first of two show specials, due to the amount of information and images of the show. I would welcome any judges reports, by October 26 please.


With Richie Darling’s help, I have updated the latest membership/distribution list. I will try to send issues to those who were financial in May but did not receive a newsletter, and others who have since again become financial, copies.


Advertisers are ALWAYS welcome, with the cost $120 for a full page, $60 for a half page and $30 for a quarter page.


Please contact Brad Turner for help in having your advertisement ready for publication. The newsletter will be in full colour so it is a great chance to publicise your club or breed.

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